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MRCS Anatomy Cadaveric Tutorial and Viva Course

This two day intensive cadaveric anatomy tutorial and mock viva series will take place at the Department of Anatomy, King's College London. There will be targeted anatomy teaching, focused on high yield topics for the MRCS Part B examination.


Delegates will receive small group teaching by experienced surgical faculty. This will centre on selected cadaveric specimens for each of the systems examined in the Part B viva and provides the rare opportunity to make use of the excellent facilities in the Department of Anatomy and Gordon Museum.


The next course is taking place on the 1st-2nd September 2018


Delegates will rotate through tutorials covering:

- Neuroanatomy
- Head and neck
- Upper limbs 
- Thorax 
- Abdomen
- Spine
- Pelvis
- Lower limbs

These will take the form of small group sessions (maximum 5 delegates). Faculty will use cadaveric specimens and prosections to prepare delegates for topics commonly encountered on the viva exam. Delegates will have ample opportunity to ask questions, test their knowledge and spend time with the cadavers. This course will be intensive and thorough, all content will be targeted on key MRCS topics. Time allocated to each body region will be determined by the frequency with which it is tested in the exam. Pre-course preparation is recommended in order to gain maximum benefit. Further information will be sent to delegates on booking.


Timetable Day 1      Dissection Rooms


0910 - 0920             Registration 

0920 – 0945             Lecture: Overview of anatomy stations, what to expect

0945 – 1000             Gowning & preparation in dissection rooms

1000 - 1110              Station 1

1110 – 1130             Break

1130 – 1240             Station 2


1240 – 1320             Lunch, free time with the cadavers & demonstrators


1320 – 1430             Station 3

1430 – 1450             Break

1450 – 1600             Station 4


1600 – 1615             Closing remarks



Timetable Day 2      Gordon Museum & Dissection Rooms


0910 – 0920             Registration Gordon Museum


0920 – 0940             Introductory lecture

0940 – 0950             Gowning & preparation in dissection rooms

0950 -  1100             Station 5

1100 – 1120             Break 

1120 – 1230             Station 6


1230 – 1310             Lunch in the Gordon Museum


1310 – 1600             MRCS Part B VIVA circuit

1600 - 1630              Revision quiz


1630 -1640               Closing remarks


Department of Anatomy
Hodgkin Building
Kings College London, Guy's Campus
London SE1 1UL


The two day course fee is £340. This will include course materials and lunches.

Key Info

The faculty will be comprised of surgeons and anatomists with extensive experience in both the field of anatomy and clinical environment. 

Please direct any questions to [email protected]